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As with other film cameras, placing the camera in a dark bag or other environment with no light and performing the operation by touch is always an option.


I've owned a Noblex 135 S for almost 20 years, and I just learned in the past few days how to do this... There's a key step in the German-language user manual, which was omitted from the English-language manual for some reason: "Stellen Sie die Kamera in Normallage; mit dem Objektiv leicht geneigt nach vorn." "Put the camera in the normal [...


Romeo's answer covers all the bases, but I thought I'd throw in a practical example, using a DeNoise plugin - this one from OnOne. Of course you will get better results from a RAW image or indeed just a larger jpg, so this isn't showing it off at its best. I set this to the minimum necessary to kill the noise, then tried sharpening a little to try grab some ...


First there is no image w/o noise, even in perfect light you can see kind of noise. For me this is combination of noise, compression and algorithm of Google to stitch photos and postprocess them. I see two possible ways to improve the photo. In postoprocess (from existing image) with Lightroom, Darktable, etc. software you can try to reduce the noise and ...

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