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Optical trigger does not need batteries..


At a bare minimum, you need to make sure that: Your transmitter matches your camera. If you have a Canon camera, you need the Canon version of the X2T (the X2T-C). The Nikon (X2T-N) or Sony (X2T-S) version will not work on a Canon camera, and vice versa. The 'Channel' selected on the transmitter and the channel selected on the flash's radio receiver are the ...


While the D3200 and your Neewer-branded* Voking VK750 II can both communicate iTTL signals, the Neewer-branded Godox FC16 Rx/Tx triggers cannot. If you look at the pin on the foot of the transmitter, and the hotshoe on top of the receiver, you'll notice there's only a single pin/contact. This is the way the sync (fire) signal is communicated. All the ...

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