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NimH battery care and feeding has occupied too much of my life in recent years. :-) It is significantly better for NimH batteries NOT to discharge them fully before recharging them. NimH life can be enhanced substantially by never discharging them fully on any occasion. Even when using multiple sets during a day's shooting, if you can manage to leave the ...


I've had good luck with Eneloop batteries. One problem with NiMH batteries is that they produce a lower voltage than standard alkalines. NiMH batteries produce ~1.25 volts (vs 1.5 volts for alkys) for most of their life. (may start at ~1.35v freshly charged) Equipment that's not 'NiMH aware' might complain that the batteries are almost dead when they are ...


If you want them to last months waiting for use, your only problem is in not buying the proper NiMH battery choice. AA NiMH have MUCH more power capacity that alkalines. This may not be significantly noticeable for low drain devices like mp3 players, but it is all important for the high drain in cameras and flashes. That is speaking of any NiMH, however ...


From what I see, not on a regular basis. Once in a while the batteries must be cycled completely, but otherwise no. Cell Phone Battery Care

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