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You should try manual focus, the first time I tried to take a pic of the moon with my iPhone the moon was blurry until I figured out the autofocus was not working, you need to focus at the infinite, try to focus on a street light that is at least 5 meters away


Instruction may vary as each version of Android may be slightly different: On the left taskbar you'll see a JPG icon. Tap thereon and it'll switch to RAW JPG. this may allow corrections to be made to the image after the image has been taken. Change the Exposure Value by tapping the EV option on screen and selecting a coffee exposure. Select the ISO option ...


Unless you have a multi-camera phone with a very strong telephoto option, the moon is much too small in the frame to give usable results even with modern, high resolution sensors. A single camera phone will have something like a 24mm or 28mm equivalent lens. Which will make the moon look tiny in your frame - digital zoom will only help you magnify it a few ...

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