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Film negatives are only light-sensitive while in the camera, until they are removed and processed. The processing includes a step to "fix" the image so that the negatives will not be further exposed by light. So once processed, film negatives (and slides) can be handled in daylight.


Why are my low light photos noisy/blurry, but Alien is perfect? There's a world of difference between creating a dark image and creating an image in the dark! The scenes in a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie like Alien are often dark, but that doesn't mean that the set looked that way when the scene was shot. Directors and cinematographers think a lot about ...


Just because a scene looks like it was shot in the dark does not mean it was shot in the dark. One term for a similar technique for still images is called killing the ambient. You can use such techniques to shoot in bright sunlight and make the background look dark.


Video mode is essentially taking a series of still images, so each image does have a specific shutter speed, and while your mechanical shutter is open all the time, the electronic shutter will still be going on and off. The duration of the shutter speed can affect how "choppy" the final video feels, depending on the amount of motion blur in individual ...


On page 214 of the Canon 6D manual under Shooting Movies> Shooting Still Photos you will find: Even if an external Speedlite is used, it will not fire. If you want full control of image parameters, you will have to switch out of movie mode and into standard still photo mode first. That is how Canon has designed the system.


YES Whenever possible you should get a model release (or a contract with a model release clause) from anyone who appears in your photos or video, this can save a lot of trouble in the future and has no downside.


Outline of steps / times / temperatures K-14 Removable Jet Black Backing (Rem-Jet) Removal 10 seconds ambient temp subsequently buff-off Rinse 15 seconds @ 85° -2 +15 First Developer MQ formula 2 minutes 0 seconds 99°F ± 0.05 Wash 45 seconds 85° ± 2 Red light fogging Corning 2403 filter 2.5 millimeters distance 1000 micro-watt second per sq cm Cyan ...


Perhaps you can use nylon sewing thread or thin monofilament fishing line to support the film. You can run two threads through the sprocket holes and terminate the threads in an area covered by the frame.


Is this film valuable? If I were going to do what you describe, I'd assume this display setup will only last a few years. I don't think any amount of constant light is good for film. Take a read of this doc from Kodak Motion Picture: FILM STORAGE AND HANDLING If you want to stick film with tape, I'd look for a low tack tape that doesn't leave any residue. I'...


The canonical answer is that these can only be developed as black and white, negatives or reversal positives, outside of experimental processes that I wouldn't recommend you try with your home movies. Beyond that, however, there's the issue of remjet. The remjet antihalation layer isn't terribly difficult to remove on fresh-dated films like Visions3 (which ...


YES If you do not have a release (for property, too.) your images are unusable. You cannot display them in public. You cannot use them in your portfolio. You cannot use them. ONLY EXCEPTION: I worked as a news photographer—anything goes.

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