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My second question is how to properly shift from sunset to stars to moon settings properly without creating a jittery timelapse (I use LRTimelapse for editing, btw). For timelapse sequences at twilight, you will get best results by using a bramping intervalometer ("bramping" = bulb ramping). A bramping intervalometer not only controls the time ...


After asking this question, I went out to do the shoot. I made several mistakes but also learned some valuable lessons (for me) and I wanted to share them. I was able to get a reasonable sunset to milky way timelapse (see here for results) As I mentioned, I made several mistakes. Here are some: I miscalculated and the moon rose out of frame. I took too ...


The "Looney 11" rule of thumb for exposing the moon is f/11 with 1/ISO shutter speed, or equivalent exposure:

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