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The "closer to the sensor" advantage of which your friend speaks has a lot more to do with the distance between the sensor and the flange upon which the lens is attached, referred to as the registration distance (or colloquially as the flange-focal-distance) for a particular lens mount system, than it has to do with the different distances to the ...


First, consider a simple one element lens, like a magnifying glass. The distance from the lens to the "sensor" is the focal length. A long focal length will be more distant from the sensor. (this is the "thin lens" formula). However, such a simple lens has aberrations, optical faults (primarily, a single element cannot focus all colors ...


I've the Tamron SP 70-200 2.8 G2 lens and can confirm it won't work on the R5 which arrived yesterday. I've contacted Tamron in the hope they will sort it out. I've the tap-in console and have the latest FW on the lens.

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