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Is this a light leak?

Shop for a tiny LED Key Chain flashlight. It must be a design that stays illuminated once the on-switch is activated. Turn on this flashlight, place it inside the camera's film chamber, close the ...
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Is this a light leak?

Given that the artifact is vertical, I suspect your camera is leaking at either the hinge or the door latch side of the film door. Perhaps when you hold the camera, twist it slightly or even touch the ...
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Is this a light leak?

This appears to be a light leak affecting the film roll and not the exposure path. It appears to be worse for earlier images, which would indicate the light leak is affecting the area where the film ...
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What type of mount is this Soligor lens?

It is Rollei QBM (Quick Bayonet Mount) mount first introduced in 1970. This bayonet mount was used on all Rollei's 35mm SLRs, and on most of the Voigtländer VSL models. It is possible to buy a Rollei ...
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