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Selling photographs: Getty or Shutterstock?

I don't think that your photos would necessarily sell better on other stock platforms. Most already feature many photos that are very similar to yours, as well as many that are of higher technical (...
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How do I give permission to a photographer, to sell images of me, on Stock Photography websites such as Alamy or Shutterstock?

When a photographer uploads to stock agencies such as Alamy or Shutterstock, they have 2 options to consider. Option 1 - Commercial - If the image being uploaded is intended to be used for commercial ...
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Checklist for Technical Critique

I don't think there's a single checklist. I've spent a little time looking at the forums of some stock photography web sites and can list at least a few of the technical things they look for: Focus - ...
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Checklist for Technical Critique

I think the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) criteria sums it all up. I was a member for many years. Follow this link. Professional Photographers of America – 12 elements to judge 1.) ...
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