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What might cause my film SLR to produce partially black/missing frames?

The dark lower third of your photos looks like a stuck shutter blade. To confirm my hunch: open your camera back (with no film loaded, of course) and shoot at manual - B setting. Keep the shutter ...
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Digital camera shutters

Firstly, does a mechanical shutter in a digital camera work the same way as in a film-based camera? Yes, it's exactly the same. If I use a slow shutter speed, am I actually exposing the sensor for ...
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Life expectancy of an electronic shutter

Cameras that have both electronic and mechanical shutters tend to leave the mechanical shutter closed when the camera is turned off. This means that in order to use the electronic shutter the ...
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Life expectancy of an electronic shutter

No an electronic shutter doesn't have a limited life as far as shutters go. It does have a life span as far as any electronics goes. A dSLR can have either a 100% electronic or a mixed mechanical and ...
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