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Can I use photos of paid shooting sessions to promote my business?

I believe as I am the copyright holder this would be OK, even if there is no model release, right? Or would I have to make them sign a model release so I could use the photos of them on my site? ...
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Why are some cameras unable to store photos in RAW format?

Talking about digital cameras the reason is no so complex. Manufacturers target different markets in sense of simplicity of operation, size and cost. P&S (Point and shoot) cameras are much smaller ...
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What is the term for an image sequence with one fixed object in each image?

Instead of timelapse, it is more like Hyperlapse. The difference, IMHO is that Timelapse is using a fixed camera, and hyper-lapse the camera is moving, in this case with the subjet in the same ...
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Why are some cameras unable to store photos in RAW format?

There is only one reason that any camera is unable to save raw data: The manufacturer did not make the camera able to save raw data. Anyone not involved in the design and manufacture of digital ...
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Photographers : One or Many Social Personalities

So lets say as a photographer you own several web/business presences...From a business perspective, you should own each of these as a site and a social media account, but on a personal level, how do ...
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