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Close up photos obscure the outside edges of vertical objects in the scene. How can I fix this?

Yes, increasing the distance is the most practical solution. You can use your existing lens from any distance to determine at what point the perspective is suitably overhead/parallel. You would simply ...
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What are the best (ethical) ways to keep insect still for outdoor macro photography?

Feed the bug. Lower temp of bug but not too any extreme. Think... simulate morning conditions. Play with it awhile... It might get tired of moving around every time you reposition it. Also maybe you ...
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120mm with 35cm minimum focus distance for Macro?

Magnification (how does size of image compare with real life size) M = lens to image distance divided by lens to object distance. All values in millimeters M = 120 / 350 = 0.3. This tells us that the ...
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What kind of flash should I use for general macro photography?

Have you considered a ring light, but with a few modifications? You could add a relatively wide, ring-shaped diffuser (of any diameter you prefer) in front of your ring light so that it did not create ...
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What kind of flash should I use for general macro photography?

This question could be a bit opinion based and also a bit short-lived if we refer to specific products. So I will try to answer in a broader fashion. Use whatever you have, whatever you need, whatever ...
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Affordable camera for a macro photography

If you don't have to have a Sony or Canon, you could get a used Olympus TG-4. It has what they call a "Microscope" mode. I just checked, and mine will focus down to about .5cm x .9cm. You ...
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