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Shot on the 11/2/2020 full digital zoom 1/80th sec 5.2 A iso 100 taken with a lumix fz150


Your wish is the wish of every other photographer in the world. The simple fact is that physics dictate what is possible, and the compromises you have to make are hard. Cameras do not do well in low light conditions. If you're indoors and needing high motion, you're going to need a strobe. Bounce it off the ceiling all the time to help mitigate the ...


What is my upgrade path from a D3400 for better low light performance, that will also increase my keeper rate? Lights, modifiers, and stands, not different cameras and more lenses. If you want to get serious about portraiture and headshots, you're going to have to learn how to use lights. For your currently stated budget you can outfit yourself fairly well....


Cheap option. Attach the flashlight to a stand or your camera and shoot. The speedlights will overpower the flashlight anyway so it won't be visible in your photo unless you are shooting at very low power. Point being that you don't have to worry about turning the flashlight off before you shoot, just ignore it and shoot anyway.


Many camera mounted speedlights and controllers have near-infrared AF assist lamps. They illuminate briefly when the shutter is half pressed and go out once focus is confirmed. Such AF assist lights require communication between the camera and transmitter (or flash) that use the proprietary pins for each brand that surround the standard center pin on the hot ...


So you could hit a button to turn on the light, get your focus, hit another button to turn off the light, then take the shot? Using a studio strobe, you typically have a modeling lamp. You don’t have to turn off the modeling light to shoot. They’re enough light for you to get an idea of the lighting and focus. But the strobe flash will greatly overpower the ...

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