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You need an adjustable Light Stand Bracket which has receptacles for 5/8” studs on both ends. They are designed to allow you to position the light at any angle and most of them allow the use of an umbrella for reflecting the light on your subject. Near the bottom of the ColorSpike webpage is a photo that shows an optional "swivel Mounting Kit". ...


I think your second guess is right: that it's a cover to protect the COB LED if you ever have to pack up the light and travel with it. It's shaped like that because it's probably the same one they use as a protection cap for the AD600 bulb; the AD600 also has a Bowens S mount, and its bulb physically protrudes. The hole in the cap is probably to help with ...


Looks like a snoot, used to narrow(*) the light beam from the flash (sort of a reverse-softbox). (*) Can't say "focus" because is works mostly by cutting off the excess light, not by redirecting it.

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