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Assuming you're talking about the Sigma 35mm ƒ/1.4 DG HSM Art lens (sigma.com), it is an excellent lens for head-and-shoulder and 3/4 portraits on a full-frame camera bodies (Canon 5D and 6D series, Nikon D600, D700, D800 series, Sony a7 & a9, etc.). All you need to understand about this lens is to search the internet for "Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art portrait": ...


It all depends on a model and characteristics of a camera, not on the brand. You can buy two different models of different brands and they would make the same photos. For example this Nikon https://cameravs.com/Nikon-D5500 at $800 makes almost the same pisc as professional Canon https://cameravs.com/Canon-EOS-6D at $1700. The small differences is seen at ...


Extension tubes, so long as they make electrical connection, affect nothing except the amount of light that actually reaches the camera sensor. They have no influence on anything other than the focussing distance. Because of that, yes, 68 mm of extension tube will get you very very close indeed on a 50mm lens, in fact I've found 50mm to be about the break-...


No, 300 is not important I mainly photograph portraits and nature. Canon I use outdoors. But I need more lighr

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