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What type of mount is this Soligor lens?

It is Rollei QBM (Quick Bayonet Mount) mount first introduced in 1970. This bayonet mount was used on all Rollei's 35mm SLRs, and on most of the Voigtländer VSL models. It is possible to buy a Rollei ...
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Any downsides to using an A-mount lens on an E-mount Sony body?

There can be some downsides to using these LA-EA* adapters with Sony E-mount cameras, compared to native lenses, particularly with previous generation cameras/adapters. Sony publishes a list of ...
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Does image distance affect resolution?

There's a general answer to your question. But based on something specific you said, there's another answer based on a misunderstanding. Specific issue: Mounting the lens too close to the image plane ...
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Focal length reducer on FF camera (24mm F2)

TL;DR: Use the 24mm lens directly. Forget about the focal length reducer. (If the lens is compatible with your body, and if such a focal reducer exists - which I don't know. If they are incompatible, ...
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How can I use a Nikkor mikro on a full frame DSLR to photograph 35 mm film and slides?

"Scanning" would typically involve using a scanner, not a DSLR. The only thing you need is an extension tube of some sort to position the slide at a distance to where it fits w/in the lens' ...
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