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It is due to the way PS flattens an image; by default it (sometimes?) preserves the layer masks; and the underlying layer's mask will mask the layer above. If you attempt to merge/flatten only two layers PS will pop up a warning about this; and it gives you an option of applying the mask of the underlying layer before merging. You do not get the option when ...


How can I essentially combine pure red, green, and blue info in 3 layers to create full color? You have to start with pure 'Red', pure 'Green', and pure 'Blue' color information. But that's not what you can get from a Bayer masked sensor, since the actual colors of each set of filters are not 'Red', 'Green", and 'Blue'. It's not what we get from the ...


I see three ways of doing it Layer -> new layer from visible Layer -> Merge Layer | Image -> Merge Layer Image -> Flatten Image

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