While some care is needed to avoid accidental light leaks, light-proofing a container enough to safely store film or paper is not a colossal effort. Something as simple as duct tape over a few suitably sized paper envelopes is easily more practical than lugging a Paterson tank. Black construction paper can make envelopes, or use a maker to darken a ...


You have the changing bag and one envelope of paper. All you need is another light tight envelope or box, old cheap 4x5 film box from Ebay or thrift store or ? check with a local school or photo club for a free one. You just change the paper in the changing bag, put the exposed one in old box and load the new one in the camera from the envelope. All of ...


New55 are still going after a short break, and you can buy new peel apart 4x5 film with both a positive and negative here http://famousformat.com/ As above OneInstant make the smaller peel apart film.


The sironar is the oldest non-multi coated non-apochromatic lens of the group. The Sironar – N and the Apo Sironar-N and are identical except for the barrel designation the one you are listing as an Apo Sironar is the same thing as the Apo Sironar W.

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