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All I know is I was just about to go out and buy a new Flash Gun for my 5D MkIII as both my flashes had failed, the problem I realised was I hadn't used my Flashes for a couple of years, they were not well used but both my 580EX ii and my 430EX failed to even show a glimmer of a spark. Then I read about cleaning the contacts with a slightly damp cloth ...


Check your camera settings anyway, they have to be just right for AF Assist light to work. See D7100 manual page 233 about option A4, which has to be ON. And then it must be AF-S mode (or Single Servo if AF-A). And also, Center focus point selected in Single Point mode, or Auto Area mode. See page 233 to ensure they are still right.


It's a Yongnuo, a/k/a a "disposable flash." Some last longer than others, but you should always have one more than you need with you when using them for a shoot. Eventually, you'll need the extra one.

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