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How do I interpret a Godox error code?

Not all the error codes are known, but in the TT685 II-C manual, I found the following table. With a little rewriting: Code on LCD Description E1 A failure occurred with recycling the flash and it ...
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How do I fix loading the wrong firmware image onto a Godox flash?

The only way to fix an E9 error is to reload the correct firmware image onto your flash, if you can. But since it's such a new model, Godox hasn't published any firmware updates on their website, yet. ...
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Why doesn't my RT-16 trigger fire my Godox TT520 ii flash off-camera?

The Godox TT520 II is typically sold with the Godox 433 MHz RT-16 transmitter. The TT520 II and the RT-16 transmitter are both single-pin devices, so the only thing a flash hotshoe can tell the ...
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