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I think Unapiedra's answer is perfect, but would like to add that if you have location history enabled on Google Maps, you have tracks already saved there, and you can use them. To access this info, go to your "Timeline", and you can export each day as a KML, then convert it to GPX or whatever format is accepted by your geotagging app. This guide can ...


As such there are many apps available for geotagging photos. But there is a hike on an app named "AutoStamper: Date and TimeStamp camera". This app allows geotagging camera photos with custom and current location. It's a great app to geotag camera photos.


The easiest solution would be to use a Lightroom plugin designed to synchronize images with Picasa. This would solve the problem of remapping incompatible metadata fields. There is an earlier thread on getting metadata from Picasa to Lightroom that has some good information on the general issue and it mentions a free non-commercial plug-in that I think will ...

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