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The rerason is, that the RAW RAF file is not an image per se. It is sensor data. To display it, the data has to be interpreted into an image. This is done by a piece of code and takes a little while. Being interpretation, the result may differ between programs. What you see in Windows is that the explorer or most editors shows you a low-res jpg which is ...


Guessing and knowing are 2 totally separate things, iso 800 on 1 sensor isn't the same as iso 800 on another. Raw files need to be converted to jpeg before they have any use anyway. Shooting beyond 6400 iso isn't really the kind of thing you want to be doing anyway. Fuji doesn't try to sell high numbers that people wont use, they could crank it upto 104,000 ...


most of the blurry ones were taken in front of a mirror im not sure if that had any effect on the photo, but there were other photos in the roll that were also taken in a mirror and turned out perfectly fine and really good quality - so i would say maybe 1-2 feet away from the mirror If you were using a camera like this:


They are touting that the parts are CNC milled from billet aluminum compared to cast magnesium as is commonly used. Both are alloys and probably contain some of the other in their mix. In general, if you compared identical parts; one milled from billet and one cast from the same material, the billet part will be stronger. But that is not the comparison. ...


The main advantage of aluminum over magnesium alloy: It's cheaper for the manufacturer to buy.

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