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I get the same as this with a Finepix F100fd (and I've seen it mentioned on some other forums). I realize this is an old post. Curiously video recordings are OK, and the image is OK in the 'viewfinder' screen. It seems to be something to do with the post capture processing. I've emailed Fuji UK and will try and post any meaningful response.


Just a thought, but did your camera go through an airport scanner? Certain scanners can damage unprocessed film, it is therefore recommended to remove the film from the camera before you get to security and get it hand-checked if possible


The orange veil to the right of the last image is a common effect of light fogging. In fact, I've seen that many times on the first frame of 35mm when I started exposing without winding enough frames first. The white fog might be a different sort of light leak, perhaps due to the shutter not being completely closed when you advance film and cock the camera....

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