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As Fuji's marketing sheet states, the film is processed in ECN-2. If it is not often mentioned, it is probably because it is just as obvious, that colour negative cinema film is processed in ECN-2, as it is that still film is processed in C-41.


Appears to me that the rollers that crush the developer pod and distribute the developer as the film is being ejected are either misaligned or the film pack isn't seated properly. Pull the pack and make sure all of the rollers are moving freely and that there isn't any crud on them or in the film path...


I got same issue! You have to turn off auto face detection Then af-s will be not changed to af-c in video At least this is how x-t3 works


When you change to a different tool, the part of the image you have selected (that is, the part inside the border box) is expanded to fill the space. The part you have not selected (that is, the part outside the crop you have selected) is no longer shown. If you have not selected a crop, then the camera has done it automatically. Many mirrorless cameras ...


It's hard to really tell from the small versions here — which is a lesson in itself, because at 1280x850, which is a perfectly fine online viewing size, the differences really don't matter that much. However, in this case, I think Auto probably did make some better choices. Shutter Speed You picked ¹⁄₆₀th of a second. This is fine, but probably slightly ...

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