Appears to me that the rollers that crush the developer pod and distribute the developer as the film is being ejected are either misaligned or the film pack isn't seated properly. Pull the pack and make sure all of the rollers are moving freely and that there isn't any crud on them or in the film path...


The SK400II doesn't suport TTL or HSS. In a monolight, you have to upgrade to something like the QT series, or one of the AD battery powered lights. The trigger supports all the Godox 2.4GHz lights, so it has controls for TTL and HSS. Not all lights support these features though.


As Fuji's marketing sheet states, the film is processed in ECN-2. If it is not often mentioned, it is probably because it is just as obvious, that colour negative cinema film is processed in ECN-2, as it is that still film is processed in C-41.

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