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My camera bag similarily fell from 15 cm and the AF was no longer working. This was due to the lens being out of position due to the fall. Fortunately, I found a tutorial that showed how to get it back inplace, just like a chiropractor :) Hope others can save their lens! See the link to the video below:


There are 2 approaches if we exclude focus-stacking: Increasing depth of field is the most obvious approach, but it still has limits with respect to how much depth of field you can actually achieve. The easiest way to increase depth of field is to use the minimum aperture supported by your lens and if that is still not enough, look for another lens that ...


The ultimate solution to depth of field (at the cost of some overall sharpness) is to use a pinhole aperture. Google for "pinhole photography" -- most DSLR and mirrorless cameras can use a body cap with pinhole mounted, optionally with macro extension tube(s) to get the framing you want at a distance you can use. The utility of a pinhole in this ...


The manual is online but quite tedious to page through online so I don't have the absolute definitive answer but what you want to do is to be able to release the shutter without focus being achieved. You might be able to do this by setting the camera to manual focus (pg 143) and trying a shot. There are other issues with doing this, the lens body combination ...

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