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From the transmitter, turn OFF all other groups. That fixed my flash latency problem. I was having the flash problem on my yong nuo transmitter. Hours later, I simply turned off all groups except for the one I was using and it started working perfectly.


I use a Pluto Trigger for waterdrop photography .... Pluto trigger is plugged into the shutter release on the camera and to the water reservoir valve.... 1 RF603 on the camera hotshoe and another RF603 on a SB700 speedlight. works great


According to the User Manual, your camera should automatically default to 1/30 shutter speed whenever any flash is connected to the PC port. Your camera must be defective if it does not. Yes, you can shoot with a flash at f/1.8 but you don’t need to have 1/30 as any slower shutter speed will also work with flash. The problem is that your camera will always ...


There could be a difference in which duration is being reported, T.1 vs T.5; T.1 is typically ~ 2-3x longer... typically T.5 time is reported. It's also likely that the differences are due to bulb/electronic design differences. But I think there may be some issues with the premise of your question. Thyristor controlled flashes have their fastest duration at ...


To add another possibility to the existing answers: NiMH batteries tend to have a plastic wrapping rather than painted metal. Also there may be a tendency to slightly bulge as they age. I've had some that were slightly thicker than straight alkaline, and also minisculily thicker than some others. As a consequence they tend to slightly stick to the (...

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