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The YN-565EX III requires a firmware update to be compatible with the hotshoe of the 250D/SL3, and to fire when the camera tells it to. Newer entry-level Canon dSLR bodies have had the sync contact removed from the hotshoe, which can create incompatibility issues with non-Canon speedlights.


The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/250D does not have an ISO compliant hot shoe. It's missing the center pin needed to trigger "manual only" flashes. Canon recently started doing this with their lower end entry level cameras. The Yongnuo YN565EX III is Canon E-TTL capable. But it may not be able to cope with a Canon camera that has the center pin missing on the hot ...



While the D3200 and your Neewer-branded* Voking VK750 II can both communicate iTTL signals, the Neewer-branded Godox FC16 Rx/Tx triggers cannot. If you look at the pin on the foot of the transmitter, and the hotshoe on top of the receiver, you'll notice there's only a single pin/contact. This is the way the sync (fire) signal is communicated. All the ...


I have a d3300 and sometimes I had the same problem. If you take the photo in almost total darkness the camera can't calculate well which flash output to apply. Also, these cameras have a max shutter speed of 1/200 with flash and it ends in burnt or overexposed photos easily. Use manual mode for flash, reduce its power and also use smaller apertures.


When you use the flash in a non-Auto mode (Aperture or Speed priority) the camera assumes the flash is used for fill-in and computes the exposure for a flash-less photo. So if you subject is dark this will crank up the exposure and then you'll have a big flash added. So when you use the flash, either go full-manual, or use the "Program" mode of your camera.

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