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What are the standard pixel, inches and megabyte sizes for fine art photography?

There is no single standardized file size, ppi, aspect ratio, nor physical dimension in the field of fine art photography. Works can range from square postage stamp sized pieces (or even smaller) to ...
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One photograph or two?

Those are obviously two different photographs. The position of her right hand differs significantly between the two pictures.
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Is jpeg or png the standard for fine art photography?

Partial answer i suppose: If its an art image, why even consider compromising? In this case neither are suitable. For these formats it is all compromise and negatively impacting factors rather than ...
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Is jpeg or png the standard for fine art photography?

Hard drive space is not important if other elements are needed (quality or editing). On a professional workflow (editorial design, printing in general) you often have several copies on different ...
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Print wheel track on fineart print

I agree with you that the marks appear to be from the transport mechanism in the printer. Hot press board (vs cold-press board) is so named due to the manufacturing process of the paper. Hot press ...
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