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Is the vignetting happening in the sky when using the lens at 24mm? In that case the issue is simply that a polarizing filter produces an uneven effect on wide angles. Update: Just as I added this answer, you posted images that shows that this is not the cause of the issue.


The camera lens is a converging lens. Light rays from the vista being imaged traverse the lens. Their path is altered by the density of lens material and by the shape of the lens. This action is called refraction (to bend back). To mitigate lens defects (aberrations), the modern camera lens is constructed using several lens elements, some convex, some ...


Just a guess, but I don't believe that ND filters are so widely used as you assume. A very large share of the users of a specific camera will never need an ND filter and therefore not be interested in paying whatever extra it will cost to include the filter in the camera. To make sense, an embedded ND filter would also have to be variable, otherwise it ...

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