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Light leak or am I the problem?

The answer to your question Is this a result of the light leak? Or is this something else I am doing wrong? is: yes, both. The vertical whiteish streaks in photo 2 (left over the statue) and 4 (...
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What are the dimensions of a 110 film cartridge?

in case anyone stumbles across this in the future looking for approximate measurements, the cartridge is about 3.2in from end to end, the larger spool is about 1.1in, the narrow bridge part is 0.35 in ...
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What caused this splotchy pattern in my Portra 400 Scans? (Epson V600)

This is backing paper mottling, which sometimes happens with expired or badly stored 120 film. Heat and/or condensation is the cause. Something (presumably ink) is leeched from the backing paper onto ...
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Recreate vintage 70s-90s photo with new DSRL

You can easily do this with your current camera and, for example, Lightroom or other software such as Darktable. You should take a look at the following points (I'm referring to Lightroom, it should ...
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Contax tvs I: blurry pictures even though focus lock is on

There's more to getting sharp photos than accurate focus. The shutter speed needs to be fast enough to mitigate against any movement of your hands. Your sample photos show that light levels are low - ...
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