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What battery should I use in a Minolta XD-11?

1.35V Mercury Oxide batteries are now banned. These batteries were popular in cameras as they held a constant 1.35V while discharging which was good for accurate light meter readings in older cameras ...
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What should I look for in a swing-lens panoramic camera?

I know this is an old post (2y), but I thought that I would include my comments as I have a Horizon, Noblex 135U, and a Widelux (borrowed) The Horizon is the most bulletproof of the bunch. They don't ...
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I have a Canon EOS 500N, I want to intentionally create light leaks in some of my frames, how do I do that without ruining the rest of the film?

To answer the actual question, I checked your camera manual (Part 1) (Part 2): If the film is removed from the camera in midroll without being rewound and then a new roll of film is loaded, the new ...
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