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I photograph a lot of birds in the field and have found two major use cases. The first is the really white birds-egrets, white pelicans, and the like. Even though I set the camera for spot metering, often the spot includes a lot of background and the camera chooses the exposure too high. The feather detail is lost because the bird is overexposed. I put ...


Exposure compensation (EC) is a manual control that may be used to fine-tune a camera’s exposure setting. It’s a tool for efficiency. In some scenes it would be inefficient to set all exposure settings manually for each unique frame. It may be more efficient to set only those exposure settings that are critical and let the camera meter and expose ...


Kodak's rule of thumb for push processing, is to increase the development time by two minutes for each camera stop of underexposure. For pull processing, decrease the development time on minute for each stop of overexposure.

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