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What is the best semi-stationary storage method for camera equipment?

What is the best way to store this equipment? Is there a storage system that works well for photographic equipment? The best method for long term storage of photographic equipment is to place it in a ...
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How much Silica Gel should I put on my Drybox?

The calculator found here ( indicates that you need 5g of silica gel. That being said, even distribution will help remove ...
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Storing beauty dishes?

For smaller beauty dishes up to about 12 inches in diameter, I've been known to use a 'cake caddy' once or twice. But I'm not sure if you can easily find them in sizes of 24+ inches.
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What is the best way to store slides?

The #1 best way to store the pictures is to scan the slides as soon as possible and save multiple copies of the digital files in multiple places. Slides will degrade. The only question is how fast. ...
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