Equipment recommendation questions should be specific about budget and goals, yet general enough to be useful to as many readers as possible. Equipment recommendation answers should be worded to be as useful as possible to the broadest range of readers, and when possible account for future price drops (for bargain hunters looking for a cheap "older" camera) to improve the longevity of such topics.

Equipment recommendations are allowed here.

However we do prefer that they be specific enough to be answerable, yet general enough that they're useful to others as well. It's better to ask about features and requirements than to ask for names and models.

The answers to such a question should provide useful insight to as many viewers as possible for as long as possible. That generally means answering with your current-favorite brand or model isn't appropriate.

For more information on equipment recommendation questions, see:

Despite the general sense regarding equipment recommendations and "shopping" on most StackExchange sites, here at Photo-SE we feel that equipment is a truly fundamental aspect of photography at large, and helping our members find the right equipment to best service their needs is important to us.

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