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How safe for the equipment concerned is it to use Calcium Chloride as a dessicant for camera (and other) equipment?

I would avoid calcium chloride as a desiccant around metal/mechanical and electronic devices. Calcium chloride is a great desiccant, don't get me wrong -- a little too good for this application. It ...
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Should lenses be stored without their caps inside a dry cabinet?

Light is only beneficial for inhibiting the growth of fungi if it contains ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths. The primary source of UV light among common light sources encountered most places is sunlight. ...
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Can lenses be damaged if stored too dry

According to Zeiss, humidity levels below 30% is "dangerous for the instrument". About the only thing I can think of that might be affected by very low humidity is the adhesives used in ...
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How much silica gel should I put in my dry box?

A 5 liter container will have about .1g of water at 100% humidity at room temperature. Each time you open the container most of the air in it will mix with room air. If your environment is 80% humid ...
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Am I storing my camera the wrong way, in a dry box with humidity between 37-48?

The mirror dampening material, just like that of the light seals, is made of foamy rubber which degrades over time and becomes brittle. Unfortunately you cannot prevent this from happening. This isn'...
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Should lenses be stored without their caps inside a dry cabinet?

Although it's a good idea, it's not necessary per se. Some climates are more favourable for fungi that will nest in lenses. Especially in very humid climates it would be beneficial to control the air ...
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How effective is a desiccator box?

In most climates, a desiccator is unneeded, but in the tropics, in marine locations or any place with extreme humidity, it might be helpful. However, you can make your own for very little. In an ...
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How effective is a desiccator box?

When I went to the Amazon jungle (extremely humid) I was advised, before the trip, to collect those little desiccant packets that come with so many products that you purchase, like electronics or ...
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