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The flash works by discharging a capacitor into a xenon tube, when ionized by a very high voltage pulse to allow conduction. The energy, E, stored in a capacitor is E = CV²/2. Because of the square factor, it's much more productive to increase V (volts) than C (capacitance). With C = 750 µF, V = 283 Volts, you get the 60 Joules of a typical high end cobra ...


Panasonic do have an application to help with this if your camera supports WiFi. It's called imageapp and is available for free from Play Store. You can remotely control the camera with this e.g. set shutter speed/exposure/zoom/focus/ISO etc. I've managed remote control from 20 metres. There are no hidden extras that you need to pay for. It works really ...


The self-timer should work. If the camera is still shaking after 2 seconds, even with a big telephoto, you need a stronger tripod. Another choice is to use a separate card as a shutter. Set the camera for a 10 second exposure and hold a piece of cardboard in front of the lens. Trigger the shutter, wait 8 seconds, and take the card away.

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