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How to make photographic film at home

I have been looking into the same thing. With what I can find you can build a simple camera obscura and either use beetroot anthotypes in it to take a photo (bear in mind you may have to "take&...
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How can I disassemble a Computar M8513 lens?

Usually these things have a retaining ring that holds the lens assembly into the barrel/body of the lens. If you look at the front you'll probably see a ring with a couple of slots opposite each other....
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How to make photographic film at home

Off course you can make your own film (real one). Start here: You can quite easily do ISO1 - ISO4 emulsion - while it wont be very fast it will give you a good quality ...
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Is it possible to develop cyanotypes with an LCD projector, given the need for UV?

Cyanotypes are sensitive to blue and green light as well as uv, although less so. Reduce the potassium ferricyanide in the sensitizer to a minimum of about 5% or less if possible to improve sensitive ...
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