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How can I delete originals in Capture One from within an album (without going back to "all photos")?

A small technicality In Capture One if you want to organize your photos inside of a catalog you have to use albums. That depends. You could also just use folders on your hard drive - I, for one, ...
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Trouble deleting videos from Sony camera

The best you can do (as your photos and videos are already downloaded on your computer) is to format the SD card. I had the same camera and I know Sony do very odd things (like databases, indexes and ...
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Accidently shift deleted a few photos; however they are present in LR's photo strip. How do I recover them?

LR just saves the previews of those files. The actual NEF files have been deleted. So, your chances are the same as with any other deleted computer file. If file recovery tool is unable to recover ...
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Sync folder in lightroom the opposite way

If the deleted files are the only ones ‘missing’, they will be the only ones imported. Import them again with ‘duplicate detection’ activated so that the only items imported are the ones you deleted. ...
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What is the right way to delete all photos from a camera?

Note that formatting the card as opposed to individual file-deletion, whilst the most efficient in terms of ‘how much data is written’ to achieve it, is almost negligible compared to its ‘day job’ ...
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