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Why are my pictures opening but not saving to computer?

If I can see my photos in Preview, they must not be deleted, It sounds like your memory card is failing. Preview may be showing you thumbnails from the files which do not require the entire file to ...
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Does the Nikon Coolpix 900 need the exact CF card specified in the package?

Even though there are several variations of CF cards (multiple versions of CF which are backward and forward compatible, IDE, CFast) the camera definitely expects generic Compact Flash. You are ...
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Transfer from Compact Flash or SD Card?

It all depends on the models of the cards and more specifically their read speeds. If the CF has higher read speeds, the only benefit you get is that you'll be offloading files from it faster (but ...
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Kingston compact flash card won't mount in a computer (Win7/OS X/Ubuntu)

I know I am replying to this post late in the game, but it sounds like the card data may still be able to be recovered by a data recovery lab. they would have the expertise to be able to do "surgery" ...
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