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Do you ever need model releases for your own children?

I did a quick Google of "Canada Model Release Law," and found this info: Why does it matter if the model is a minor? If the model is a minor, he or she will need parental permission to ...
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Signature logo on photos by hired photograph

It depends on the nature of your contract when you hire the photographer. Some photographers used to charge a low fee for shooting the event and make their money selling prints and digital rights to ...
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How to take good photos of meteor showers with a smartphone?

The meteor shower is the annual Perseid Meteor Shower each year at about this same time. Cellphones aren't ideal. While I cannot rule out the possibility of capture a meteor using a phone, it is ...
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Do you ever need model releases for your own children?

You are the parent, you are the photographer. Unless you plan to sue yourself for using an image then no. Flippant answer aside i would think that any publication or contest would require a model ...
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What is a photography release form? Do I need them for group shots?

Your question is tagged w/ Canada, and the law in the common law provinces are the same as in the USA... a release form is only required if the image will be used commercially; and the release is ...
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