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No. The Canon Rebel T8i/850D does not have the capability to store Custom shooting modes like Canon's more advanced models. None of the "Rebel" line (xx00D and xx0D models) offers this feature.


As far as I know 3 and 4 number models (xxxD and xxxxD, T8i = EOS 850D) do not support custom shooting profiles. If you want to use such option you should switch to 2 or 1 number models (xxD, xD) like 70D, 5D, 1d and so on. This option is counted as more advanced and reasonably is not available on low end models. P.S. In Magic Lantern there is such option, ...


There's not a lot to do here. The light itself is just an on-camera flash that isn't quite wide enough to cover the same area as the lens. It could even be the pop-up flash built into the camera. If you're close enough to your subject, you can let flash fall-off do what a narrow flash zoom would do, since the parts of your subject that you'd want dark (if ...


Just saw this question. It’s new to me This answer is a DSLR in general not for the 700D check this site out Press the info button and it should get you out of the stuck q button/display mode

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