I'm looking to buy some speedlights/strobes but I really do not want to buy all new transmitters and receivers when I have the Yongnuo set. Then stick with Canon RT-compatible gear. Will any strobes/speedlights from the Godox series be compatible ? No, not if you want any more control over the strobes/single-pin manual speedlights than remote firing. With ...


Your YongNuo YN-E3-RT is actually a copy of the Canon ST-E3-RT, and is designed to control the Canon speedlights (and those built to be compatible with the Canon radio system (those with a "RT" suffix). You can use it for instance with a Canon 430EX III-RT or a YongNuo YN680-EX-RT (and many others).


I don't have a PC I could run MSPaint on to test or provide a 'fix' but I'm betting it doesn't know how to handle the ProPhoto profile that's embedded in the picture & is treating it as though it were sRGB. It suffers the same colour loss if I open it in Photoshop & assign an sRGB profile without any colour management. You likely need a better [...

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