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Why does a lens profile on Lightroom produce such noise artifacts?

It looks like two of the different things lens profile corrections do are interacting to create the pattern. Peripheral Illumination Correction Part of what lens correction does is boost the ...
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Why don't the values given by Argyll's scanin match what I see in darktable or Gimp

Turns out scanin ignores any profile information. Considering profiles would be missing the point for profiling. But I just wanted a quick way to read the patch values with values similar to what I ...
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Which camera profile to use with SpyderCheckr in Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw for most accurate colors?

For most uses, the standard color profile for your camera ("Adobe Standard") should be sufficient. However, you may prefer the look of one of the other profiles for specific images. ...
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How does Lightroom associate a preset with a camera profile?

The .dcp association is unrelated to the UUID of the preset, and it's actually unrelated to the preset .xmp whatsoever. All that ...
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