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The sync voltage limit on a Cactus V5 is 300V. As long as your flash doesn't go over that, you should be fine. In addition, any dRebels that are newer than the 300D have a sync volt limit of 250V on the hotshoe, according to Chuck Westfall, the technical rep for Canon, answering a question in a 2007 tech tips article for the I ...


There are a large number of options available to you all over the price/reliability spectrum. You basically just want TTL-capable triggers for Canon. The difference between using them and using manual-only triggers like the V5s, is that you may be limited on what lights or other triggers play nice together, and integrating studio strobes might be more of a ...


For anyone who reads this, wondering what solution worked for me, I can answer it with two words: Cactus v6. I mentioned that I have a few (4) Cactus v5 transceivers as well as a 580ex II and a Yongnuo 560. I didn't know this when I posted, but Cactus now makes a v6 transceiver that is 100% backwards compatible with the v5. How do they work? The v5 is a ...


This does work! I put the Cactus receiver on top of the PocketWizard (using the Plus IV) and the Flash on top of the receiver. The meter has has its own PocketWizard transmitter, and the camera has its own Cactus transmitter.

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