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Beauty Dish revisited - Good for "bad" skin?

Your diagram definitely supports your observations. Although not currently using one, and taking your diagram into consideration, having used beauty dishes in the past, this is what I found; (most ...
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Beauty Dish revisited - Good for "bad" skin?

Youre not wrong, but think of it like this You have a speedlight a focused point source of light. Next we have a beauty dish (it is a focused bare bulb) so now a light source the diameter of the ...
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Storing beauty dishes?

For smaller beauty dishes up to about 12 inches in diameter, I've been known to use a 'cake caddy' once or twice. But I'm not sure if you can easily find them in sizes of 24+ inches.
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How does the size of a modifier affect light coverage?

I consider that channel a good source of tips. But in this case, they are making a not so good job. Let me explain some flaws and "omissions" on the video. Do you see that big bright hotspot ...
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Recommended strobe power for beauty dish?

That light will be fine for that application. Its always a balance between iris/depth of field/shutter speed/distance to subject. Start at the lowest monolight power for the first shot and work up ...
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Who was the first to introduce a beauty dish?

I had one in 1971. Made by Photax as part of its Interfit range of tungsten lighting for photographers. It wasn't called a beauty dish back then though. Might have been called a softlight or similar. ...
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