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Is it possible to shoot an Aurora with a Panasonic DMC GF-5?

There is a limit to what the camera can measure. When it is so dark, the camera cannot meter and cannot focus since there is nothing to focus on for an aurora. Autofocus requires contrast and what you ...
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Can I edit my Northern lights photos that turned out black?

As you have the RAW file, try this : Get an application that can process RAW. If you don't have one (e.g. LightRoom) try the free RawTherapee which is a very comprehensive RAW developer. In the ...
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1 vote

Websites or advice for Northern Lights Photography (super beginner here)

I just got back from Iceland and we did get one night where the lights were visible (and not dancing behind clouds). The image below was shot at: 85mm f/2.0, 2", ISO 6400. Having never shot the ...
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Is it possible to shoot an Aurora with a Panasonic DMC GF-5?

I don't know much about photography and would be happy if someone could help me learn how to adjust the camera settings (if possible) so I can shoot in the dark and capture an aurora. Not just ...
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