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You can probably gain a little, but (as you've already seen) at the expense of considerably slower post-processing, and quite a bit of extra storage space. Given that you're shooting with a fairly wide angle lens, if you want more detail you'd probably be better off using a longer lens, and stitching together a panorama instead. I'd consider drizzle ...


Years late for your question but, take a look at Siril. It's open source (free), and runs on Linux, Mac, Windows, and BSD.


This is what Siril says about drizzle.


You might also look at Lynkeos ( Although I haven't had a chance to explore its features, I do know it at least launches on macOS 10.15 (unlike some others). I have seen recently published (last month or newer) videos on YouTube where the software was being used to good effect. YMMV.

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