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Looks like a software issue, maybe multiframe fusion gone wrong because of the strong motion. A lot of phones are doing multiframe HDR by default, without necessarily telling the user about it.


This sort of bug is usually caused by some computation getting truncated to fit within the range that can be represented by whatever data type they are using — likely an integer over/underflow, or perhaps an improper use of unsigned integer values at some point in the computation. It is almost certainly a bug, though it may or may not be an easy bug to fix, ...


To me it seems dust on the sensor. Have you tried using the cleaning routine as described in the manual (pp.180)?


If it is always in the center it could be a reflection off the sensor. This usually happens when an older lens is used, one designed before digital. Film is less reflective than a sensor. This should not happen with a modern lens under normal conditions. The key word is normal, your setup may not be not normal, it may be pushing the limit. To get detail on ...

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