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Photography, as a career path, does not lend well to being an employee of some larger company. If you're going to do photography as an employee, you're typically either going to be doing simple, repetitive stuff like school photos with very little room for creativity; or highly specialized work like sports photography or photojournalism for a company like ...


Here's the deal with branding and shooting adult or nsfw subjects... If shooting bodyscapes is something you like to do on occasion, but you don't make money from it, then don't brand yourself as this type of shooter - keep it to yourself. If you just have to showcase some work, do it completely separate from your money making brand. If you will make ...


One thing to be aware of when web-publishing your work: Some jurisdictions (eg Germany) make a legal notice (with contact information) mandatory for any "business-like" online publication, even if it is not run commercially. However, in many cases there is the possibility of using an official(!!) artists' pseudonym.

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