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Activating the Camera RAW plugin of Adobe Bridge CC (free) by buying Photoshop Elements - anybody who has tried it?

In short One can utilize the Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) bundled with Photoshop Elements(PSE),as if it were near-native to Bridge Creative Cloud(CC) (read below for the caveats though, because there ...
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How to find photos that do not have any keywords assigned to them in Adobe Bridge?

You can filter photos without a keyword in Bidge: Navigate to the folder that has the photos with and without keywords. Go to the Filter panel. If it's not shown, go to Window → Filter panel. Click ...
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Why do Adobe Bridge and XnView MP show incorrect thumbnails for cropped scanned images?

There are several locations that a preview image be in a file. Try using this exiftool command to extract all preview images from the file. ...
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How do I read a CFExpress Card with Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader?

Mac is seeing the CFexpress card/reader as a HDD and not as removable storage. But if you connect the camera (with card in it) via USB it should see it as an external device. And that should allow you ...
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Mac ~/Library/Caches/Adobe Camera Raw: Ok to delete?

I agree with Alaska Man that things may depend on settings and, as a general rule, you'd better know what you are doing. That said, I regularly delete this folder (on Windows) without ill effects. (I ...
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How can I remove all keywords from Adobe Bridge?

My workaround is: Do a keyword search for the moved word; Select all the images that come up; On the keywords panel, un-tick the italicised version of the keyword; With the images still selected, ...
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Why does JPEG show at half size in Adobe Bridge on Retina display?

The first screenshot has a resolution of 899 × 650 px. The second screenshot has a resolution of 1798 × 1300 px, which is exactly twice the resolution in both dimensions. A 100% zoom of both ...
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