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Which DSLRs can be used with Minolta Auto Bellows I?

The Minolta Auto Bellows I has a Minolta SR mount. This mount is often referred to by its last revision, MD. The bellows can be used with any camera that has an MD adapter. These include Canon EF, ...
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Can I turn on automatically selecting a shutter speed for Sony A350 with M42 lenses? Looking for adapter M42 ↔ Sony A

It appears you are using a "plain" M42 adapter, i.e. a piece of machined metal without any electronic components that enables the M42 lens to screw onto the Sony camera body, e.g. like this ...
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How to keep the aperture of an adapted Nikon G lens open?

Make a wedge from hardwood or plastic to hold the aperture lever in the open position. Make it no taller above the mount than the lever itself, and make it wider than the remaining slot opening so it ...

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