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Be aware that there is current controversy about identically-looking inexpensive lenses sold under different brands, rumoured to be from the same OEM. For example, there are some brands offering lenses that look like Laowa products; however Laowa claims that they are NOT Laowa OEM products but blatant counterfeits (Laowa announcement


The same 85/1.8 lens is sold under different names, including Neewer, Opteka, Bower, Vivitar, Lightdow, and others. You don't state what camera, mount, or purpose you want these lenses for, so they may or may not meet your needs. I have used the Neewer 85/1.8 variant. It is reasonably sharp, but doesn't feel sharp (acutance) when used wide open. Like most ...


Pictures on the Nikon ad show it's a Jintu, or at least a Jintu box. Jintu say that's an 8-blade aperture. Picture shows 6. You could get one actually purporting to be a Jintu for the same price… or you could save your money. A very very similar Neewer on eBay is £80 & may even be the same thing in a different box. These things often are. I'd say you ...


More worried by the specs: Mount: for CANON DSLR Mount Compatible Brand: For Nikon Otherwise you find a "Neewer 85mm f/1,8" on Amazon at about the same price that looks a lot like it and could come from the same plant. You can check the comments of Amazon purchasers, they likely apply to the eBay cousin Buying on Amazon could be safer (return policy, ...

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